• BIOVEG™ is a biologically active, nutrient dense soil, with nutrients optimized for the plant’s vegetative stage.
  • BIOVEG™ uses No Float technology, replacing perlite with a unique blend of coarse and fine coir.
  • This soil has moderate to high porosity.
  • This soil is designed for the farmer who wishes to minimize inputs and have a specially designed growing media for the vegetative stage.
  • Supports extremely aggressive vegetative growth without needing additional inputs for up to three weeks.


BIOVEG™ contains bioCore™ and bioCharge™, making it an all natural, biologically active and nutrient dense soil. Targeted at the needs of a young plant

All Natural Ingredients:

Coconut coir, bioCore biochar, worm castings, pasteurized poultry litter, feather meal, dolomitic lime, gypsum, animal protein meals, phosphate rock, diatomaceous earth, sulfate of potash, and humates. Sphagnum peat moss used to adjust pH as needed.



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