KZYX’s “The Cannabis Hour”

Thank you Jenn Proccaci for inviting us on to The Cannabis Hour!

David Shearer, PhD, bio365 Partner + Science Advisor and Sebastian McIntyre, Director of Cultivation + Sales had a fantastic time chatting about the benefits of biochar in cultivation media, cultivation styles, soil science, carbon drawdown, and more.



We had a great time hosting this afterparty bash after at INDO EXPO Denver!
Shout out to the team that made it happen, esp. @macymktg, and for the in incredible community that came to play at Invisible City!
Flowers by @bestdayevercannabis plus incredible food by chef @sandovalcruz_ including bio365 soil grown microgreens!

Here’s a little highlights video to catch the vibe and instagram has for more #bio365bash


Indo Expo Denver!

INDO EXPO Denver was a great event!

We met over 100 awesome cultivators! Always love it when passionate growers use all their senses to feel and smell what our soil is made of—only the best, of course!

Shout out to the team that was there: Mike, Chris, Sebastian, Sean and Josh!

If you connected with one of them and have more questions, get in touch!



Emerald Cup!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Emerald Cup come rain or shine! What a weekend!

We had a fantastic time—so much passion for the plants and their cultivation and care. And being on the soil end of the process, we were happy to share our knowledge base for thriving plants.

Congratulations to the 2018 Emerald Cup winners!


Great time (& microbiometer readings!) at Indo Expo!

What an amazing time at the Indo Expo in Portland August 3-5! There’s such a strong cultivation community, and we made some quality connections!
To top it off we got to spend some time with Jeff Lowenfels, author of the award-winning "Teaming With Microbes: The Organic Gardener’Guide To The Soil Food Web" and other books AND we had our growing media tested for microbial biomass over at the microBIOMETER booth.
Our BIOBLOOM came in at 558 and our BIOCOCO at 464.
(making our scores EXTREMELY high for growing media!!)

While microbiology can be introduced to any medium, it will only truly thrive & grow in a hospitable & supportive environment (soil-food-web!). Our particular biochar—with its 90% carbon & low ash—does just that in all of our growing media.

at Paper Planes

VIP Cultivator Mixer

We co-hosted a great VIP Grower Reception as part of our NCIA (Cannabis Business Summit) presence on Thursday evening, July 26! Great event and full house Paper Plane! Cocktails & Community!
Thanks to all who came—it was great to connect & you sure looked like you were having a good time!

Shout out to the other co-hosts: Front Range Biosciences, Eden Labs@pathogendxaz and Grassroots Labels!

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.06.14 PM.png

bio365 at NCIA

We'll be exhibiting at the 5th annual NCIA Cannabis Business Summit in San Jose, CA.

As part of our community connection, we'll be co-hosting cannabis cultivators and like-minded partners for an evening of networking, cocktails and food on July 26.




bio365 in HYDROLIFE

After our farm was hit by the October fires, hydrolife magazine talked to our Chief Cultivation Officer, Djubaya, about the fires, the impact on the cannabis community, and our fundraising effort to support the cultivation community.


We had an incredible SOIL ALIVE! event

The North Bay cultivation community was hard hit by the devastating fires—we're were honored to contribute to get community members growing again. We heard some devastating stories, and our own farm lab was hit by the fires. We teamed up with SCGA, CGA, and Left Coast Wholesale for our December 1, 2017 Soil Alive! Benefit Party and soil (and more!) give-away!

Thank you to all who came out and made the event such a success!