Indo Expo Portland + Microbiometer!

What an amazing time at the Indo Expo in Portland August 3-5! There’s such a strong cultivation community, and we made some quality connections!
To top it off we got to spend some time with Jeff Lowenfels, author of the award-winning "Teaming With Microbes: The Organic Gardener’Guide To The Soil Food Web" and other books AND we had our growing media tested for microbial biomass over at the microBIOMETER booth.

Our BIOBLOOM came in at 558 and our BIOCOCO at 464.
(making our scores EXTREMELY high for a straight coco growing media!!)

While microbiology can be introduced to any medium, it will only truly thrive & grow in a hospitable & supportive environment (soil-food-web!). Our particular biochar—with its 90% carbon & low ash—does just that in all of our growing media.