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bio365 - from high porosity soil-less media to nutrient-rich soils - our growing media are custom-formulated for indoor, light dep & outdoor cultivators.

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Our line of products is all natural, reduces both water & nutrient use, and increases customer profits by increasing production & reducing inputs.


We had a great time hosting this afterparty bash after at INDO EXPO Denver!

Shout out to the team that made it happen, esp. @macymktg, and for the in incredible community that came to play at Invisible City!

Flowers by @bestdayevercannabis plus incredible food by chef @sandovalcruz_ including bio365 soil grown microgreens!

Highlights video above and also check out our IG for more pictures!

Indo Expo Denver

Indo Expo Denver!

INDO EXPO Denver was a great event!

We met over 100 awesome cultivators! Always love it when passionate growers use all their senses to feel and smell what our soil is made of—only the best, of course!

Shout out to the team that was there: Mike, Chris, Sebastian, Sean and Josh!

If you connected with one of them and have more questions, get in touch!

Key Soil Features


Unique 'base' formulation containing key beneficial microorganisms & nutrients. On-demand delivery of nutrients to the root system.


High temperature, super low ash biochar. Provides vast surface area for microbiology & excellent porosity and water holding.

Soil Porosity

Our combination of long & short coco fiber plus unique biochar means moisture & air occupy the soil equally.

Nutrient Savings

bio365 soils provide an on-demand mechanism so nutrients are available and not being washed away with each watering.

Our Products

Our line of soil products is all natural, meets all future anticipated regulatory requirements, reduces both water & nutrient use, and increases customer profits by increasing production & reducing input costs. [more...]

The bio365 Difference

We meet the growing market demand for a superior quality, high quantity and low input product. Achieving consistently reproducible results with the least environmental impact possible. [more...]

About Us

We're a proud Northern California company focused on the growing needs of entrepreneurial farmers. Our bio365 team is passionate about soil and supporting our customers success in cultivating highest quality crops. [more...]

From the field

Getting excellent results with our high-end lettuce, kale, parsley, cilantro and basil. Soil is not too ‘hot’ for the tender seedlings; in fact, seeds are germinating 25% faster and moisture is evenly spread for better success.

Finding the attention to detail in the nutrient levels, living nature of the soil, small batches and screening far surpassing Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest, Happy Frog and Coco-Loco. Sometimes not noticed in the first week but by transplant time plants are stronger, bigger, greener and more resilient.

I love the bio365 mixes!
— Benjamin Fahrer, Top Leaf Farms
After working with many different soil blends over the years, we have finally found the holy grail in bio365.

The texture, the balanced PH, the deep nutrient blend all brought together with a killer biochar has changed our entire production. We are saving in nutrient inputs and our plant health and yields have improved.

Hands down the best soil we have ever used.
— Mother Magnolia Medicinals

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Our team brings decades of cultivation and horticultural experience in indoor, outdoor and light dep environments. Thanks to our farm lab, we have built a knowledge base for our customers on strain-specific treatments, organic pest and pathogen management, and nutrient and water use optimization.


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