bio365: a Northern California soil company focused on the growing needs of the horticulture industry

SOME of our team members at our Sebastopol, CA Distribution Hub

SOME of our team members at our Sebastopol, CA Distribution Hub


about us

bio365 is a Northern California company focused on creating biologically active and nutrient dense biochar soils for commercial agriculture. Our team of soil scientists, biochar experts, and experienced cultivators work together to integrate decades of practical wisdom with the latest cutting-edge science.

Our breakthrough line of horticultural media are designed to mutually benefit our farmers, communities, and the environment. Driven by profound respect for plants,  people, and our planet, we are passionately committed to ensuring your success, our customer and friend.

Our Team brings decades of experience in horticulture and cultivation operating indoor, outdoor and light deprivation greenhouse environments and an eye for the plants’ needs.

Thanks to our farm lab, we have optimized our soils for each environment and built a knowledge base for our customers on strain-specific treatments, organic pest and pathogen management, and nutrient and water use optimization.

our roots

bio365 has grown out of the pioneering work of San Francisco-based Full Circle Biochar, founded by Jackie Klein and David Shearer. Full Circle launched in 2007 to develop the science around biochar and to bring the horticultural, environmental and economic benefits of this ancient technology (terra preta) to modern crop production. To keep multinational corporations from claiming and 'burying' key biochar technology, Full Circle did extensive work on developing and protecting the intellectual property around biochar to keep it available to farmers small and large.

Chief Scientist, John Gaunt, meanwhile, took what he'd learned about biochar and his 30-year experience in soil science to create a unique process that results in biologically active, rich horticultural media with stable and predictable nutrient supplies. Thanks to him, we can offer you the bioCharge™ nutrients.

Together, we launched bio365 LLC.We are passionate about the power of quality soil to grow incredible crops. To ensure quality and keep on the cutting edge of industry needs, bio365 has built a research and development farm lab in Sonoma, CA.

At bio365 we recognizes the global potential of biochar to enhance soils while addressing global climate change.