All bio365 soils are hand crafted using highest quality ingredients and specially-developed formulations to provide you with a line of growing media that require less input while maximizing plant vitality and yields.

Our proprietary bioCHARGE™—soil biology enhanced with biochar and nutrients—delivers on-demand food and water to the plant, resulting in accelerated growth and vigor.


Benefits At-A-Glance


Benefits Explained

soil trial by  Top Leaf Farm . Trays started on same date; bio365 soil on left, competitor soil on right.

soil trial by Top Leaf Farm. Trays started on same date; bio365 soil on left, competitor soil on right.

bioCharge™: Microbiology & Nutrients

Potent soil requires a vibrant soil-food-web. All bio365 soils contain a biologically-active, nutrient-rich "base" (we call it bioCHARGE™).

Think of it similar to beer brewing: our bioCORE™ (high quality biochar) plus specially-selected beneficial microorganisms and nutrient sources combined together and aged in a batch process create a living soil amendment (bioCHARGE™).

Our whole process is undertaken indoors under carefully controlled conditions—this level of attention to detail and control is key to bringing you quality, consistency and reliable, reproducible performance. Outdoor composting cannot deliver a nutrient source as free of unwanted pathogens and pests as indoor or greenhouse environments require.

bioCore™ Biochar

bioCORE™, our patented high-temperature, super low-ash biochar. Its unique structure allows it to hold water in very small pores, and this water becomes available to the plant as needed, rather than evaporating to the surrounding environment. This makes our soils more forgiving at the wilting point— an important benefit to growers who like to dry their plants between feeding.

With its very high surface area, super high porosity, low ash and carbon stability, bioCORE™ provides the optimal physical environment for beneficial soil microorganisms. It also creates a unique ability to holds nutrients, which are then released to the plant over time, on-demand as the plant's roots draw it out. This makes bioCORE™ the perfect medium to host our potent bioCHARGE™ nutrient base (read above).


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Nutrient Savings

The nature of biochar—massive surface area and negative electric charge—allows it to bond to nutrients and biology, holding them in the soil rather than becoming water soluble. Because of this weak electric bond, the roots must come in contact with the biochar in order to absorb the nutrients through stomatic pressure. This means the nutrients are held in the soil until the plant asks for them vs being washed away with each watering.

This will also prevent young plants and clones from being overwhelmed with nutrients leading to stress and requiring a recovery period after transplanting. This allows the aggressive growth phase of the plant and roots to be uninterrupted in the early stages of growth.

Advanced Soil Porosity

For all of our soils, we start by getting the physics right. This means tuning the total porosity of the soil, and the proportion of this porosity that is air filled. The key here is our ability to provide a plant access to adequate water while maintaining as much aeration (amount of air around the plant roots) as possible. All bio365 soils have class leading aeration and water retention capabilities. This means growers have the ability to feed frequently if they wish, with the benefit of a more forgiving soil due to the availability of water.

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