bio365 soils: all natural, biologically-activated and nutrient-dense biochar soils for the cultivation of high value crops

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All bio365 soils contain highest quality biochar (our bioCore™) as well as a biologically-active, nutrient-rich "base" (our bioCharge™ ) to give your plants the perfect conditions for rapid growth, vibrant health and optimal, high-quality yields. Our controlled production conditions ensure that our soils provide you with the same results each planting cycle.

Find out about what makes bio365 soils different and how our soil can be a key ingredient for your leading-edge production garden at any scale.

High porosity combined with great water retention, BIOCOCO is ideal for cultivators who wants a soil that allows for additional inputs, feeding, and watering once or more per day. For container or hydroponic systems.

A unique blend of coir, peat, and perlite, BIOCOCO+ is perfect for cultivators who have experience with traditional peat based growing media.

Biologically active and nutrient dense, BIOALL is an ideal growing medium to support plants through their entire life cycle, from seed through flower to mother plants and beyond.


Biologically active and nutrient dense coco-based soil optimized for the plant's vegetative stage; perfectly paired with BIOBLOOM.


Biologically active and nutrient dense coco-based soil optimized for the flowering stage; perfectly paired to follow BIOVEG.


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